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my name is Guzalia Davis. I am a Certified International Tantra Wellness Teacher, a member in a good standing of International Association of Tantra Professionals, and Dakini.

Native of Russia. Maryland has become my home since 2002.

I also pracice professionally hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. You can learn more about it by visiting

My passion is to help people create positive changes in their life, heal themselves and become more whole. I am myself embarking a wonderful journey of Tantra and experiencing amazing effects of it in my own life. I am absolutely ecstatic about being able to share this beautiful gift with other people. Having to go through many challenges in my life, I was struggling to patch up some holes in my heart. Tantra helped me to find the missing pieces.

Now, I want you too find the missing parts of you and become whole and truly divine being you are meant to be.




What you see on this video is a sample of energy-work recorded during one of my workshops. The goal is to remove energetic blocks and clear channels so the body can starts to heal itself. Many people would experience the energy flowing freely throughout the body for the first time ever. Everyone is different, so everyone will have their unique experience. Some people cry, some cough uncontrollably, some get so completely relaxed - they fall asleep. Some people experience ecstatic sensations throughout the entire body and brain. Your experience depends on the state of your emotional and physical health, sensitivity level, and the wiliness to open up and give up control.


See what my clients are saying:


- "I can't believe that I have had suffered most of my life from this embarrassing issue of premature ejaculation when it took only a couple of weeks to overcome it. It's great to finally feel confident. Thanks Miss G!"


- "Guzalia saved our marriage. After being married for over 25 years, we grew so far apart, we needed a real miracle. Guzalia showed us how to reconnect and revive our union. We are closer than ever..."

Lisa and Jim M.

- "I have Miss Davis on the speed-dial. Dating isn't easy for someone with a lot of anxiety and confidence issues. It's nice to have someone I can call for support and answers that I was not able to get anywhere else. Miss Davis, you rock!"

Gabe, Ellicott City.

- "Guzalia, thank you for helping me to gain love and respect for myself. Just this one appointment with you completely changed my life..."

CJ, Baltimore.

- "I came twice for the de-armoring sessions. Highly recommend that to everyone. You'll feel like the layers of fears and pain are pilling off. You will feel free!"

Jess, Maryland

- "She said, Tantra is a spiritual practice, Tantra is the way of life. I thought, I just want to become a better lover. I see now, that she is right. The things I've learned have a tremendous effect on every area of my life. I could never go back to the way my life was before. Come and learn, your life will never be the same."

Mark, DC area.

- "Guzalia is the kindest and warmest person I've ever met. She instantly made me feel comfortable. I was able to be myself and talk openly about anything and everything without worrying of being judged. It feels so good to have reassurance that my desires are natural, and I am not some weirdo. For the first time, I feel good about myself."
Reborn & Proud.