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Tantra comes from ancient sacred practices in India, China, and Nepal.

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit. Means "expand", what extends knowledge".

Tantra is a spiritual practice – a path to expanding one's consciousness, to enlightenment, achieving nirvana, living in a bliss. Disciplines of meditation, breath-work, and yoga. Practice of harnessing sexual energy, enhancing one's life, well-being, and sexuality.

Tantra is a way to connect to yourself and the Universe, tap into your inner power, heal self on all levels: mental, emotional, physical; learn to connect with a partner on the deepest levels, improve relationships, improve love-making skills; heal sexual dysfunctions for both – men and women; finding the kind of sexual pleasure you wouldn't know otherwise; live in a bliss.

Tantra teaches to accept full responsibility for your health and life. See yourself as a whole being – mind, body and spirit. See any illness or condition as a lesson and learn from it. Address a problem not symptoms. Let go of what doesn't serve. Release all emotional blocks. Detox physically and emotionally. Find balance and harmony.

There are many forms of Tantra:

Hindu Tantra. Kama Sutra. Originated in the temples of India.

Buddhist Tantra incorporates Taoist traditions and philosophy. Spread through India, Nepal, and China.

Taoist Tantra  focuses on the tradition of ejaculatory control.

Western Neo-Tantra  - American and European adaptation of Tantra. Combines Tantra, Yoga, Kama Sutra with Western modalities like Somatic Therapy, NLP, and massage.

Ipsalu Tantra focuses on activating Kundalini and reaching enlightenment.

Quodoushka originated from ancient Native American traditions: Mayan and Toltec. This tradition teaches that sexuality represents our soul, and sex aligns the four directions: North, East, South, and West. Quodoushka teaches reaching full-body orgasm through fire breath.



How can you benefit from practicing Tantra?

  • Expand your reality
  • Improve your health
  • Tap into the fountain of youth
  • Alleviate anxiety and stress
  • Release and heal emotional traumas
  • Truly connect to yourself and others
  • Heal sexual dysfunctions
  • Become authentic
  • Turn sex into sacred practice
  • Prolong pleasure
  • Live in balance and harmony




Your body is your Temple. You have to take care of your Temple and treat it with respect. Tantra teaches how to take care of your body through yoga, meditation, breathwork. Tantra teaches you to accept and love your body.

In Tantra, every man is a God and every woman is a Goddess. When a man and a woman choose to be together, they are creating a sacred union. Every woman is a Goddess and embodies of all that is feminine to be honored and worshipped. She is a lover, seductress, healer, and nurturing mother. She must reveal and embrace all the layers of her being to be honored. Every man is a God, the embodiment of many roles: a provider, protector, and a symbol of power. He must embrace and be honored for all these parts.